Who's the Murderer?

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Project description

What is this game?

"Who is the Murderer?" is a role-play VR game which allows players to virtually explore different rooms and find clues towards the truth. We have designed a script that have different storyline for different players, and each player has different responsibility and mission to complete. In our game players can enjoy the immersive experience of walking around and exploring the rooms while working collaboratively with friends to discover the truth and find the true "murderer."
What makes the game more interesting is that you cannot trust everyone -- the murderer is also hidden between the players!

How to play this game?

In our game the player can virtually walk around using the thumbstick and look around by moving their head. The player can also grab some items around or grab on some stationary items and see their description. There will be a time system which guides the players on different stage of the game. Players will need to read the script, examine the room, discuss with other players and finally vote for the murderer.

Project Demo

1-min Intro


Link: Click Me!

Room tour: Click Me!

Note: please use Firefox VR browser if you want to get the full experience.

Product Requirements Doc

PRD Document

Week 10

We are putting everything together for the final demo.

Week 9

Adding Wendy's and Sonia's room. We are getting there!

Week 8

Adding Peter's and Jane's room.

Week 7

Adding game mechanics and Benny's room.

Week 6

Finish MVP, and more coming up!

Week 5

Continue working on acheiving MVP.

Week 4

We have been working on acheiving MVP.

Week 3

We finished our pitch during class time, and started working on a simple demo for MVP.

Week 2

We brainstorm about the project, and decide it will be...

Week 1

We form groups in week 1!