Week 1 Blog

We form groups! VR team 2!

Posted by Diana Dai on April 5, 2021

Nothing too fancy happen in this week. We form groups, and here are our members: Diana, Zhifu, Sean, and Jack.

We also decided to work on a VR project, while some initial ideas are discussed, the decision has not been made yet. We will ask for suggestions from the staff, and finalize the project idea next week.

Skills and Interests

Diana Dai

  • CS: Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, C#
  • Non-CS: Education, Visual Designs, Guzheng
  • Interests: Arknights, Reading novels

Zhifu Liu

  • CS: Java, C/C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Non-CS: Soccer
  • Interests: Movies, PUBG, League of Legends

Jack Zhou

  • CS: Java, Python, OpenGL(mesh), C
  • Non-CS: Linear algebra, Stats, Chemistry, Physics, Microbio, Shogi, Astronomy
  • Interests: Board Game, Puzzle, Anime, Detective Story

Sean Yang

  • CS: Java, C, Distributed System
  • Non-CS: Barista
  • Interests: Coffee, Game, Anime, YOASOBI

To learn more about who we are, please go to the Bio Page!

Some Initial Ideas

We decided that we will move forward with a VR project. Here are some initial ideas.

  • VR Sky Tour or Exploration
  • VR Game: Form a Big Watermelon
  • VR UW Campus Tour
  • VR Driving Simulation
  • VR RPG: Who's the Murderer

We did not get a chance to discuss these in details yet, but we will finalize it next week.