Week 4 Blog

We have been working on acheiving MVP.

Posted by Group 2, on April 22, 2021

This week, we did several things: we refined our PRD, with valuable feedbacks from the staff. We have started working on acheiving the MVP by having each inividual working on different parts of the project including networks, 3D modeling, implementing user control/movement system, and etc.

What Every Member Did

  • Jack: Implemented position and rotation change using controllers. However, rotation control is removed due to bad experience. Wrote an implementation doc for various interactions supported in the game.
  • Zhifu: building the 3D model of the house using blender and experimenting on collider
  • Diana: finding 3D models for the meeting rooms and Lucas's room, refine the storyline for each player, also figure how to use Github to host all the models.
  • Sean: Designed and implemented a system which let users collect and drop items, which is synchronized using Croquet.

PRD modification

After getting some feedback from Luyang, our mentor, and other staffs, we made many modifications to the PRD including Project Description, Deliverables, Milestones, and Risks.

Update on Code

Update on Ideas

Here is story scripts. Spoiler warning.

  • Murderer's Story: link
  • Others' Story: link

Plan for next week

Milestone: Achieve MVP, which includes a meeting room and a detailed room with user interactions & group discussion features.

Description: make our project as close to MVP as possible, review designs, and clean up the code to avoid redundancy, fix any bugs.

Meeting room does not require interactions between the objects and players, but we will need to make sure the users can move around in the room.

Lucas’s room needs some update, including adding the interactive elements into the scene. Now when the user interacts with the object, for example the book in the backpack, a window needs to be popped out and show what the book is about. The Monalisa arts also have special interactions, which involves when player long enough, it should display text that encourages suicide. There are a lot of objects that need to add interaction, either draggable, movable, and/or explorable. By the end of the week, the room should provide most of the interactivity.

  • Jack: help find models; get more familiar with Blender; implement more object interactions
  • Zhifu: add textures and colliders to the house model; implement non-networking interaction
  • Diana: put in the 3D models for meeting rooms & Lucas’s room and adjust the environment setup; refine hints details.
  • Sean: design a system that collects every movable object and upload the location data to the server and synchronize between users.