Week 7 Blog

Adding game mechanics and Benny's room.

Posted by Group 2, on May 13, 2021

This week, we added something more. We add the vibration functionality, a voting and timer system which allows users to see the time and able to vote for the murderer. We also added the third room - Benny's room.

What Every Member Did

  • Jack: Implmented vibration on interacting with objects and modified inventory so that items in inventory are no longer children of inventory
  • Zhifu: Added colliders to all items in Benny's room.
  • Diana: decimate all the models in meeting room, lucas's room and benny's room. Also find and position all the models in Benny's room.
  • Sean: Implemented the time synchronization system and a rough framework for the voting system

Update on Code

Diana: I edited *index.html* to add in the furnitures of Benny's room. Now benny's room look furnished.

Zhifu: Edited index.html and define-collider.js to add colliders to all items in Benny's room.

Jack: Implmented vibration and modified inventory

Sean: I used Croquet to synchronizing the game time for every player and synchronizing the voting system as well as display the result.

Update on Ideas

Not a lot of change of ideas. Stay tuned!

Plan for next week

Milestone: expand the environments to the fourth room

Description: Add a fourth room with similar functionality to the other room in MVP with enough details and interactions.

The fourth room to be constructed is Peter’s room. Peter is the only employee of the Happiness Inn. He was here because he likes this beautiful place, but he has some mental illness. He believes that suicide is the best way to cure people who have anxiety and depression, so he set up a routine and cause the four deaths that happen in Lucas’s room. The color theme of Peter’s room is dark blue and grey. The major furnitures include a bed, a TV stand, a long sofa, coffee table, desk, chair, and a lamp. His room will have the story he wants to hide, because no one knows that he is the one who designs Lucas’s room and indirectly causes the death of four people. Some hints include the books he read, a diary he has on the desk where he said goodbye to every victim, and melatonin that are on his bedside table.

  • Jack: Work on script display
  • Zhifu: Add colliders to items in Peter's room.
  • Diana: Set up Peter's room with static objects, outline interactive objects; hopefully making progress on the blocking issue.
  • Sean: The time and voting system still have lots of bugs. I will fix them in the upcoming week.


  • Diana: the oculus browser cannot support our projects now. It crashes without finish loading all the models, but the same project does work on Firefox. I tried Meeting + Lucas, Meeting + Benny all work. I have also decimate the models. But the crash is still going.