Week 8 Blog

Adding Peter's and Jane's room.

Posted by Group 2, on May 20, 2021

This week, we are working on two other rooms: Jane's room and Peter's room.

What Every Member Did

  • Jack: Implemented displaying script and page flipping functionality
  • Zhifu: find and decimate models for Jane's room. And also add those models to Jane's room.
  • Diana: find and decimate to optimize models used in Peter's room. Also find and position all the models in Peter's room.
  • Sean: Fix various bugs related to the voting and time system.

Update on Code

Diana: I edited *index.html* to add in the furnitures of Peter's room. Colliders are not added yet since we are trying to fix our blocker.

Zhifu: edited index.html to add items to Jane's room.

Jack: Enriched displaying script with page flipping functionality.

Sean: Fixed various bug related to the voting & time system. Separate the Model and View for game from the Model and View for physics.

Update on Ideas

Not a lot of change of ideas. Stay tuned!

Plan for next week

Milestone: add the last two rooms with environments and interactivity, enhance game mechanics

Description: add the last two rooms supporting interactions and user input, the crime scene needs to support networking.

The fifth room is Sonia’s room. Sonia is a fashion designer, and she claims to come here for inspiration. In fact, she wants to investigate the death of her best friend, who also died in Lucas’s room. The theme of Sonia’s room is green, and the major furnitures include: a photo wall, a bed, a long sofa, a bookshelf, a desk, single chair, and a coffee table. This room has hints about how she missed her best friend and her pain of losing the friend. This is also the reason why she might want to kill Jane. More interactable objects need to be added, such as the photo wall, the notebook she has, the perfume on the desk, her laptop reviews the tracking of ip address, etc.

The last big room needs to be added, which is Wendy’s Inn. Wendy is a singer, so the place of her inn is basically a big stage with musical instruments. The major objects include: a stage, lighting, musical instrument, bar table, bar chair, a doll, some balloons, shelves, plants, some photos. Wendy’s friend is also dead in Lucas’s room, since Wendy does compete for sales with Jane, she believes Jane is the one who murdered her friend. Some important hints include her cell phone, her text history with Jane, a basket that has a jade pendant, and a handkerchief sprayed with poison in the doll’s hat.

  • Jack: Work on dynamic loading.
  • Zhifu: Add colliders to items as Diana is adding more models to different rooms in the next week.
  • Diana: Set up Sonia's room and Wendy's inn with static objects, outline interactive objects; hopefully making progress on the blocking issue.
  • Sean: Try to put define-collider into mixin


  • Diana: We are still working on the crashing issue. We are trying to implement dynamic loading, and hopefully that can solve the problem.