Week 10 Blog

We are putting everything together for the final demo.

Posted by Group 2, on June 3, 2021

This week, we are putting everything together and get prepared for the final demo next Monday.

What Every Member Did

  • Jack: Experimented and added dynamic loading; cleaned up the code
  • Zhifu: finished colliders on Wendy, Sonia, Peter and Jane's room and also added colliders to the house selecton model.
  • Diana: finish the colliders on Lucas, Meeting and Benny's room. Finish the script refinement for models and players. Also made the 1-min video.
  • Sean:

1-min Video

Update on Code

Diana: I edited *define-colliders.js* to add in the colliders for the rest of the room. Clean up the code a bit. Also edit the *scripts.js* to add in the scripts for models and players.

Zhifu: edited define-collider.js to add in all the colliders for the house model and all the items in Wendy, Sonia, Peter and Jane's room.

Jack: integrated dynamic-loading into the project and cleaned up the code

Sean: Worked with Jack and cleaned up the code.

Update on Ideas

Not a lot of change of ideas since it is the end of the quarter now.

Plan for next week

Milestone: get ready for the final demo!

  • Jack: Try alternatives for known bugs and get more familiar with Zoom.
  • Zhifu: Prepare for the demo day!
  • Diana: produce a video that can be played when doing the final demo. Prepare some slides for game introductions.
  • Sean: Take a final look at the systems and prepare for demo day.