Week 9 Blog

Adding Wendy's and Sonia's room. We are getting there!

Posted by Group 2, on May 27, 2021

This week, we are working on last two rooms: Wendy's room and Sonia's room.

What Every Member Did

  • Jack: Implemented a stand alone dynamic loading component
  • Zhifu: futher optimized the models in Jane's room and added colliders to Sonia's room and Wendy's room
  • Diana: find and decimate to optimize models used in Sonia's room and Wendy's room. Done all the positioning, also update the colliders in meeting room, Lucas's room and Peter's room.
  • Sean:

Room Tour

Update on Code

Diana: I edited *index.html* to add in the furnitures of Sonia's and Wendy's rooms. Colliders are added.

Zhifu: edited index.html to add models and define-collider.js to add colliders.

Jack: Implemented dynamic loading component

Sean: Fixed various bugs in the voting system. Working with Jack to put code together.

Update on Ideas

Not a lot of change of ideas. Stay tuned!

Plan for next week

Milestone: enhance game mechanics, combine the dynamic loading into the scene, also update all the scripts.

Description: enhance the game mechanics, we also need to incorporate dynamic loading into the room layout, and scripts need to be added in the script panel as well.

All the settings and environments are set, so we need to make sure the flow from group discussion to room examination is clear and easy to understand. The timing system, an introduction, a voting system has been implemented, but can be refined.

This is the refinement stage, where we need to make sure everything from introduction to group discussion to room examination to voting to ending are clear and in good state. Some user testing can be done with friends and improve based on the feedback.

  • Jack: integrate dynamic loading into the project and test bugs
  • Zhifu: add colliders to Jane's room and work with Diana to write up scripts if needed.
  • Diana: write up and refind the scripts for all the interactable items and player's storyline.
  • Sean: Wrap up the voting system. Work with Jack to clean up and put the code together