Week 6 Blog

Finish MVP, and more coming up!

Posted by Group 2, on May 6, 2021

This week, we finished our MVP and has successfully demo it to the class. It was a lot of work to put everything together with synchronization and physics, but we manage to figure out what was going wrong before. It turns out that things are not synced because the default web browser in Oculus Quest is delaying all the actions inside the VR mode. Once we switched to the Firefox browser, everything works out as expected.

Link: Click Me!

Note: please use Firefox VR browser if you want to get the full experience.

What Every Member Did

  • Jack: cooperated with Sean and finished item position synchronization using Croquet
  • Zhifu: added colliders to items in Lucas room and learning how to add fluid(water) into the 3D model in Blender.
  • Diana: add scripts and colliders to all items in the meeting room as well as the Lucas's room. Also get a new slide template for the demo slide deck. Video editing the demo to have background music and subtitles.
  • Sean: Worked with Jack to locate the bug and use Firefox instead so that the bug does not exist.

Update on Code

Diana: We added *define_collider.js* to add in the colliders so that the physics could function properlly. We also edited *data.js* to put in the script for some stationary item in Lucas's room.

Zhifu: Worked with Diana on define_collider.js to add in colliders for all the items we have so far in the scene.

Jack: wrote a new Croquet model and view that is supposed to have better efficiency and more clear information flow.

Sean: Worked with Jack and found the bug on the Oculus browser. Decided to use Firefox and things worked out properly.

Update on Ideas

Not a lot of change of ideas since we are all trying to finish up the MVP. Stay tuned!

Plan for next week

Milestone: expand the environments to the third room

Description: Add a third room with similar functionality to the other room in MVP with enough details and interactions.

Now we will add in another room, which is Benny’s room. Benny has a doctoral degree in psychology and sociology, and he came to the island to do some research. His room will have a bed, a window, a big bookshelf, a TV shelf, some plants, an armchair, a rug, etc. The color theme will be yellow. This room has clues that reveal Benny’s real purpose of coming to the island. There is a camera in the room, which shows that he knows the secrets of Jane. His laptop also shows that he has interactions with most of the people who committed to suicide in Lucas’s room.

At this point, we have several rooms for examination, we also need to make sure the flow of the game is fluent so players know how to play the game before dive into room examination phase.

  • Jack: make improvements on user interactions: namely allow scripts to show up for movable items, also support prev page and next page.
  • Zhifu: get the roof ready for the house's 3D model and add colliders to items in Benny's room as Diana is working on it.
  • Diana: set up Benny's room with static objects, write up the script for the interactive objects.
  • Sean: design the user flow for the room examination phase to work with the network.