A mixed-reality app that tracks and identifies surfaces touched by contaminated hands.

  • Surface Contamination Tracking

    Tracks and visualizes surrounding surfaces touched by contaminated hands. Allows users to identify areas that require cleaning

  • Virus Inactivation Simulation

    Virus become inactive after it leaves our bodies. We color-code regions by and fast-forward time to simulate areas where virus dies off.

  • Developed on Magic Leap 1

    Magic Leap 1 creates spatial maping of users' surroundings. This helps us to identify the location of hands and surfaces.


Kai-Wei Chang

A grad student focusing on data science and trying out AR for the first time.

Cheng Ni

I’m a bs/ms student in Paul G. Allen school and I’m graduating this quarter:D

Pei Lin Wu

A Senior in Computer Science that enjoys playing Beat Saber and eager to learn to develop for AR/VR.

Sujie Zhou

I am a CS student in Paul G. Allen School. I’d like to play games and badminton when I am free.