Blog 6

Did this week

  • 1. Added hand pointer to the app for selecting items off the menu in the future.
  • 2. Added hand meshing to display dirty hands so users are constantly aware of potential consequences by touching surfaces without washing the hands first.
  • 3. Added heat map that tracks the regions being touched frequently.Frequently-touched surfaces are colored as red while other surfaces are colored as purple or blue, depending on frequency.

  • Tasks done by each member

  • - Kai-Wei: Added hand pointer to the app for selecting items off the menu. Currently implementing the menu that allows users to select different hand meshing materials and toggle between virus-tracking mode and heat-map mode.
  • - Cheng: Added hand meshing feature to the app so users can see that their hands are dirty. Currently adding more visuals to the app, including images of viruses around hands.
  • - Pei Lin: Added heat map mode to the app. Out heat map displays the regions the users touch the most.
  • - Sujie: Dual booted Windows on Mac laptop. Currently solving build errors preventing the app from lunching on headset.

  • Plan for next week

  • - Kai-Wei: Finish up menu and merge the code so menu can select hand meshing materials and toggle between different modes.
  • - Cheng: Finish adding hand meshing materials and create more visuals on how virus can spread around the room through touching, coughing, etc.
  • 3. Pei Lin: Aggregate user statistics and create a board to display the data.
  • 4. Sujie: Resolve environment issues and assist others.