Blog 1

Accomplished so far

We discussed several potential ideas for our project, including using Oculus Quest to develop an escape room or a virtual classroom given the current circumstance of working/learning from home. However, as the instructor and TAs have pointed out, the scopes of these ideas are too large to finish within 9 weeks. To reduce the scope and to better relate our project with COVID-19, we decided to use Magic Leap to develop a virus tracker that tracks all the contaminated surfaces that users should be aware of.

Project idea

Our application would track all the surfaces that potentially have virus on it after being touched by the user. Initially, we would assume that all surfaces are clean. Then, every time the user touches a surface with hand, we would mark that area as contaminated. This provides user the information of the surfaces in which he/she should clean because of possible contamination. Additional features that we can include are:

  • - Simulate the process that virus stay on surface touched by MR user
  • - Simulate the process that virus can infect other MR users
  • - Simulate the fact that virus will be inactive after certain amount of time
  • - Users can kill virus using simulated alcohol wipes
  • - Stop the infection chain when user wash their hands in time

  • Concept video from YouTube