Blog 4

Did this week

  • 1. Resolved the issue with running unity with zero iterations on PC that some team members had last week.
  • 2. Mac users came into issues of building Lumin SDK 0.24.0 with unity 2019.3.7 on the new Ma Catalina OS crashes and reboot the computer. We reached out to the new magic leap team that works with the class.
  • 3. We went to the Magic Leap tutorial on spatial mesh and hand tracking. We were able to find the magic leap 1 API that will return the locations of the center of hand when it is in the view.
  • 4. We continued on developing the mesh rendering based on what we had last week and added handtracking. We implement functions that will return the location of hand when it collides with the mesh. This is the stepping stone of out MVP since we would like to detect when hand touches a surface.
  • 5. We started to work on surface coloring. We looked into resources and tutorial online about surface detection and plane extraction. We aimed at combining the surface coloring with hand detection.

  • Tasks done by each member

  • - Kai-Wei: implementing the handtracking and combined it to achieve hand-mesh collision detection and demoing during lab session. Looked into surface extraction from mesh and coloring
  • - Cheng: setting up environment and resolving Lumin SDK issue, researching and working on surface detection and coloring, looked into the implementation of handtracking, wrote lab 4
  • - Pei Lin: worked on implementing handtracking and mesh collision and assisted in debugging. Looked into surface extraction from mesh and coloring
  • - Sujie: setting up environment, assisted in surface extraction from mesh and coloring, looked into the implementation of handtracking

  • Plan for next week

  • 1. Resolve the issue with developing unity with Mac
  • 2. Meet online and have a work session together to combine surface coloring with hand detection to achieve MVP functionality
  • 3. Add more nice visuals in the application. We are planning to impement floating tooltips and intro to be more user friendly.
  • 4. Prepare for Tuesday in-class demo and prepare the slides.

  • Progress towards MVP

  • We started developing the technical functionalities of our MVP and was able to finish one of the two core parts of our MVP. We are on track on delivering MVP with basic functionalities. However, we need to work more on the visual design and user interface to make the application looks nice.