Week 8

Prepare for the final presentation

Posted by VR Team 6 on May 27, 2021 · 2 mins read

Each Member’s Progress

Sarah Rashid

Adding second part of mission 2, voice overs, control screen, working on bugs and improving rock sample experience.

Ramya Ravichandran Asha

Continued working on deep drill core sample UI panel and drilling interaction. Looked into incorporating title screen by changing visibilities of components & entities.

Aayush Chhabra

Completed the gravity experience, built the Galileo Experiment, added video assets for the experiment, and created an information panel for different tools.

All the parts are moved into the master and placed in the scene.

Peter Lin

Worked on the mission integration. The rover can now bring the user to different mission locations. Also added audio guidance along the way.

Code Updates

All of our components that make the Apollo 15 experience what it is are almost ready! We are mostly working on getting everything cohesive and together and squashing bugs. We have incorporated a drilling interaction to finish off our rock sample mission, a feather and hammer gravity simulation for the museum, new voice overs, improved LRV features, and more.


Most of our work is integrated to the master branch:

Preview Code

Ramya is still working on the drill interaction

Drill Demo

Update on Ideas

No idea changes. We are sticking to our plan.

Plan for Next Week

It’s the final countdown! We plan to smooth out everything and finalize our code and experience. Next week we will be doing finishing touches, filming videos, and doing lots of presenting.

Blocking Issues