Week 9

Final blog

Posted by VR Team 6 on June 03, 2021 · 1 min read

Final Video

Final Presentation

Each Member’s Progress

Sarah Rashid

Made PR video, created title screen and controls, added and edited voice overs, fixed bugs for rock samples.

Ramya Ravichandran Asha

Moved the retroreflector, drilling interaction and Aayush’s tools info panels so that it is the last stop in the rock sampling mission. Added voice-over and fixed some bugs.

Aayush Chhabra

Worked on rearranging the scene for our final product.

Peter Lin

Worked on integrating the rover with Sarah and Ramya’s missions. Worked on rover’s voice-over. Fixed a lot of bugs. Changed to hide museum objects during missions.

Code Updates

All the components that make up the Apollo 15 experience have been put together in a cohesive manner. We have incorporated a title screen with a diagram to help the user understand how to use the controllers in the experience, added more voice overs, improved LRV features and made the second mission flow better, and more. Voila, Apollo 15 VR mission complete!


Plan for Next Week

Demo Day is coming up on Monday! Before Demo Day, we plan to discuss how we will go about presenting our project and fix any other bugs that might need fixing before then.

Blocking Issues