Blog Post 9


Make-A-Wish Meeeting Update: This week's meeting, like last week due to the same reasons, was rather short but did contain information on Grandpa's wisp movement. Though we hadn't come to a conclusion, it seems the MAW team as a whole is leaning towards keeping what we have in place. Since the end of the quarter is nearing (and our focus have been towards our capstone rather than the greaterr MAW project) and artists are geting busier with their real work, updates have slowed down. We will continue these meetings every other week instead of every week.


Natalia: With our demo day coming soon, Natalia spent considerable time to ensure that we had our deliverables for both Tuesday and Thursday. This included recording her playthroughs and creating slides as well as assisting in creating the demo video. She also contributed much to the team's Spatialize room. Tangentially, Natalia also spent time working on the environment for Ninja!, tweaking areas commented on the by the team to ensure better playthrough.

Corey: As well as assisting in the deliverables this week, Corey spent most of his time integrating the state machine with the Golem and the pre-existing Monster/MonsterController Scripts.

Marc: Marc spent this week learning a little bit of blender to bake textures into our models so it could be placed in the Spatialize room. Marc also created the video deliverable for Tuesday. Development-wise, Marc added audio for the weapons that vary in sound between different objects. He also integrated a breakable ceiling that the dragon can fly through and destroy, with pairing audio as well. Additionally Marc implemented a place holder Golem prefab for the demo as Corey was still working on his solution. Marc also altered the game/made necessary modifications/improvements to have enemies spawn, instead of having them in place at the beginning of the game. This change ensures more predictable and coherent behavior in ninja start aim assist.

Lily: Lily continued work on audio. As well as attended out development meetings.


We are in great pace for the demo on Tuesday. The additional deliverables did cut into development time, which we are trying to make up for. But from the sounds of it we are in a relatively more comfortable spot. We are excited to show what we've done!

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