Our Mission

In a special collaboration with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the UW Reality Lab, our capstone group's goal is to grant Wish Kid Chrisopher's dream of being a superhero ninja for a day! This is one of the first Make-A-Wish projects that will leverage the unique capablities of VR, granting Christopher an other-wordly experience!

Christopher's Mission

Once Christopher straps on his "Spirit Link", an Acer mixed reality headset, he'll jump into a world where his mission is to defend the "Stone of Life" from the evil monsters coming to destroy it! Christopher will utilize ninja stars and a katana to slash his way through enemies (that he designed himself!). Alongside him will be his Granpa, a guiding figure who will appear in the "Spirit World" as a mystifying wisp!

The Team

We are a team fueled by passion and inspired by Christopher's own tenacity. We take our mission seriously so Christopher can experience his!
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Natalia Abrosimova

Senior CS student interested in special effects, and game infrastructure. Outside of this, she practices martial arts, painting, and plays video games.

Marc Arceo

Computer Engineering Graduating Senior at the University of Washington. Marc is passionate about both his work in industry and in projects like these. Outside of software, Marc enjoys weightlifting and gardening.

Corey Seaman

Corey is a senior CS student interested in VR. He is interested in how VR manipulates human behavior in a ways other systems cannot. In his free time, he likes to stay in shape with weightlifting, and play video games competitively in tournaments

Lily Zhao

Junior CS student interested in CG and VR applications. Besides programming, she enjoys photography, dance, and video games.

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