Blog Post 8


Make-A-Wish Meeeting Update: This week's meeting was rather short. This was because the departure of the dev team's goal from delivering for Make-A-Wish to focusing on having a demo-able product for our Capstone. The dev team will continue work on this after the quarter and return our focus to providing for Make-A-Wish. As for art, we discussed that since many assets will not be completed in time fot eh capstone, we will use part of the budget to purchase placeholder assets.


Natalia: Natalia spent considerable work on environment set up to ensure an immersive setting. She has done beginning work on incorporating audio and will continue this work by replacing the placeholder audio files with the audio files that will be used for the demo. These files will have audio instructions as well as narration over the story that will help guide the player through the game

Corey: In an effort to polish our game, Corey is incorporating a purchased golem asset that we will use as our monster for the game. Christopher's monster will not be finished by the time we must demo, and the current free placeholders did not fit the game. This came with challenges that include appropriating the NavMeshAgent to a new larger model that must be scaled down.

Marc: Marc spent his time refining the air slash. Afterwards, he began incorporating the Dragon as a final monster boss. He was able to successfully and seamlessy incorporate the existing monster script to the dragon, while including

Lily: Lily continued work on audio. Having finished spatializing the audio, we will work with Natalia to make sure the audio is perfect and immersive. Additionally, she has been scrounging online to find appropriate audio files for the weapons that she will include in the game for audio feedback on proper weapon use.


We are in great pace for our capstone to have a really polished and immersive game. Little development work is left. We can focus on making our game as exciting and fun by beefing up our tutorial scene. we are excited for the dry run demo!

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