AR/VR Capstone


About the Project

BallARs is an augmented reality application that allows users to practice their basketball shooting skills by having the opportunity to shoot a virtual basketball into a virtual hoop and gain feedback from in-game physics and pose estimation. What makes our app unique is we will have a retargeted model to showcase how the user shot and compare their shot to an NBA player.

Devices used for this project are Magic Leap 1

Final Demo Video

MVP Demo Video

Our web server is hosted on the GPU. The link can be found here! You may be warned that this site is risky but we promise this is not a malicious website! Click on advance settings and proceed on with the website. Before entering the AR enviorment, run script to enable retargeting and position your external camera to showcase full body length.

Alternatively, you can find our final product here on glitch. The only difference between the two website is gltich will not incorperate the retargeting

All source code can be found here:

Product Requirement Document

Here's a link to our PRD.

Meet the Team

CJ Lin

BS/MS Student

Peter Michael

BS/MS Student

Yan Zhe Ong

3rd Year Undergraduate

Jasmine Woon

4th Year Undergraduate

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