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Recap of Week Nine: May 27th, 2021, 2021 - June 3rd, 2021

Everyone's Progress


  • Integration to glitch project and gitlab
  • Testing and debugging

CJ Lin:

  • Added 3D model into the VR enviroment
  • Helped Peter with retargeting and solve flickering

Peter Michael:

  • Conntected the GPU server, magic leap controller, and web application working together
  • Fixed the mesh model flickering problem

Yan Zhe Ong:

  • Fine tune variables for shooting
  • Helped Jasmine with animations

Jasmine Woon:

  • Added HTTP request for controller's triggers
  • Added animations to track the hoop and when a person shoots into the basket
  • final presentation slides and video

Updates on Code

Everyone's code is now integrated and updated to glitch, gitlab, and github. As of now, we are trying to debug and polish up the code so that it runs more smoothly.

Updates on Ideas

It's warpping up to the end of week ten and we are almost offically done with the quarter! By the start of this week, we were able to add retargeting and put it together. Now all that's left is cleaning up the code and testing. As we are nearing the end of the quarter, we added some last minute features to our application. The first one is adding a toggle function for the hoop pointer and to activate the toggle is by pressing down on the touch pad. The second animation is adding confetti when people score into a basket. Check out all the features in the slide deck below

Final presentation for BallARs

Final Demo Video

Final Demo Video

Plan for Next Week


  • Extensive testing and get ready for final presentation

Blocking Issues

No blocking issues to report!