Meet the wonderful members of team 4 in the VR Capstone of Spring 2021…

Kirit Narain
Hey, I’m a CS Junior and a big AR/VR enthusiast. I’m currently the President of the Extended Reality Association at UW and was a TA for CSE490V under Douglas Lanman. Last summer I built a pair of beamsplitter-based Augmented Reality glasses from scratch! I’m enthusiastic about creating technology that grants people super-human capabilities, and looking forward to building something new that will push XR forward in this class!

Rishabh Patted
Hi! I’m Rishabh, a senior majoring in computer science. I grew up in a town called Belgaum in India. Being unsure of what to do after Grade 12, I took a gap year to explore my interest in physics and computer science. Eventually, I decided to pursue a path in Computer Science which led me to UW. I am super excited about this class and am looking forward to creating something fun and innovative.

Maxime Sutters
I am a senior Computer Engineering student and a big fan of building gaming and music-making computer peripherals. I transferred from Seattle Central College where I also studied Computer Science & Engineering. Before that I spent three years studying public health policy in Canada and playing violin in a medieval music band. Ask me about mechanical keyboards, synthwave, or small-form-factor PCs.

Samuel Vanderlinda
I’m a senior Computer Science student at UW and I enjoy working within technical teams while learning new technologies. Previously awarded MVP in a NASA robotics competition and part of the winning team at Dubhacks 2020 where we made a slouch detecting machine learning application called slouchai. I’ve been playing guitar for 10 years and I’m looking forward to applying that experience towards teaching others through technology.