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GuitXR is a Magic Leap application enabling guitarists to learn faster and elevate their mastery through the use of Augmented Reality. GuitXR aims to visualize chords and music tabs as holograms floating in front of the player, providing a hands-free experience with gaze-based menus and pitch recognition for progressing through the song. Experienced guitarists and beginners alike will also be able to pick up new songs and advanced techniques more easily by following visual indicators on the strings of their physical guitars, alongside guidance indicators like optimal handshape.


  1. Magic Leap Headset
  2. Guitar + Capo
  3. 3D Printed Mount

Try the application now!


  • Week 9 The Final Countdown

  • Above and Beyond

    Product goal reached!!
    Working towards stretch goals.
    Polishing our product..!

  • Collage

    1 2
    3 4

    5 6


  • Glam Up

    Much improved performance! Far more playable.
    Auto generated, generalizable, 3D tabs to display to the user
    Suggested hand position diplayed to the user
    Research for adding in songs instead of hardcoding them
    All this and more, in this week’s post…

  • Towards the Target

    Getting past the MVP blues, the team made some key progress on improving the usability of the application and got some gears in place to make the application something that would elevate guitarists. We now have a permanent mount that anyone can 3D print (cya cardboard), a virtual hand that follows along the guitar fretboard (eventually indicating chord shapes), and we are currently working on MIDI integration and auto generating chord visualizations, opening the app up to support nearly every song! Onto the progress reports,

  • Week 5: Steady Progress

    Here is the week 5 progress report of the GuitXR project.

  • MVP

    We hit the MVP milestone this week!

  • Week 4: Complete Pieces

    Here is the week 4 report of the GuitXR project.

  • Week 3: Road to MVP

  • Week 2: Basics

    Here is the week 2 report on the GuitXR project.
    We all collaborated on finishing our PRD (look at the PRD link above) and this was the first week of prototyping a proof of concept.
    We each worked on a different core feature in seperate repositories.

  • Project Pitch Presentation

    Our team gave a pitch presentation to the class. Here is a link to the presentation. Presentation Link

  • Week 1: Liftoff

    Welcome to our week 1 progress update, our team is excited to get started working on GuitXR! We spent the majority of the week honing down on the idea and discussing the approaches and technologies we could utilize to create an augmented reality tool for empowering guitarists.

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