Meet the team

Arthur Liu James Qiu Manan Gandhi Taylor Ka
I am not a penguin!
I am a MS student studying CS! There was this one hackathon where my team placed second to this other team that did a really cool VR project. Maybe this will be my comeback story.
Penguins are my favorite animal!
I'm a senior studying CS! I haven't had much experience with VR prior to this class, but I will say that I've been getting pretty good at Beat Saber recently.
Happy Feet is one of my favorite movies!
I'm also studying CS and this is my senior year! Besides working on VR, I enjoy skateboarding and playing soccer. I'm playing intramural futsal this quarter!
I did a project on Adélie penguins in 2nd grade!
I am a MS student studying CS, and in my free-time, I enjoy dancing, crafting, board games, and being outside. Besides penguins (of course), I love my 2 cats!

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