This week we added a sequence of tutorials that present the user with an introduction to the basic controls of our game. Now, the user completes basic tasks that teach them how to launch and maneuver the glider. In addition, we also added more exciting terrain for our snow tiles. With our random generation working smoothly, we plan on adding more types of terrain and coming up with more tiles to fully utilize our terrain generation. We also have side tiles and an invisible wall boundary that prevents flying out of bounds. Lastly, we have added collectable fish that accumulates each run which we will build off in future work!

Here is our APK for this week: PenguinsCanFlyDryRunBuildV1

Here is what each team member worked on this week:

  • Arthur: Added invisible wall boundaries and voice multiplayer
  • James: Added tutorial scenes
  • Manan: Implemented fully working terrain framework and created terrain tiles
  • Taylor: Added collectable fish and obstacle improvements

    New features and functionality

Terrain! Tutorials!

Files for review

No files in review as of writing of this, everything is merged into master

Blocking issues


Goals for next week

Most of our work is now creating various terrain tiles and polishing smaller details and reaching MVP goals.

  • Arthur: Terrain tiles and voice multiplayer
  • James: Finish touches for tutorial and terrain
  • Manan: Terrain tiles
  • Taylor: Terrain tiles