This week we added some more polish to the controls of our game. From the feedback we got from our first MVP, we had to make clear to the user that they were controller the glider. To realize this, we snap the user’s flippers to the bar as a clear visual indicator to address this issue. In addition, we also tinkered around with the difficulty of the game by improving our obstacle spawning algorithm. Now each flight should definitely feel harder the longer you keep going. We’ve also added an artic village menu scene and incorporated background music into our game. We can’t wait for you all to check out our new menu scene (it’s really cute in our opinions) as it features animated penguins. We plan on making some more tutorial scenes that the user can enter from this menu scene.

This week we also presented our changes to other groups and we have received some suggestions and feedback we plan on incorporating for our work next week. Some of these include tutorial scenes, more interesting terrain generation, and some small bugs caught by our testers. Some overall positive feedback from other groups highlighted the cohesiveness of our game as a whole and smooth flying experience with no nauseousness.

Here is what each team member worked on this week:

  • Arthur: Added flipper snapping to the hang glider bar, post-flight high score assets, adjusted glider pitching, and wind particles
  • James: Added game menu scene and transitions, added in game music
  • Manan: More work on terrain generation algorithm, creating more tiles for the procedural generation
  • Taylor: Added obstacle assets, improved obstacle spawning algorithm, collision haptics and checkpoints

    New features and functionality

Menu Scene Checkpoints and Obstacles

Files for review

No files in review as of writing of this, everything is merged into master

Blocking issues


Goals for next week

  • Arthur: Continue working on voice control and local multiplayer mode
  • James: Create tutorial scenes showing user basic controls
  • Manan: Develop terrain tiles and add side bounds to procedural terrain generation
  • Taylor: Final polish for checkpoint / obstacle generation