We started working on the tasks outlined in our PRD towards our final product. We’re really excited to get a start working on these features that will make our game really enjoyable and unique! We also discussed how we would address the feedback from our testing sessions from last week as a team, and included the corresponding action items into our road map.

Here is what each team member worked on this week:

  • Arthur: Implemented voice-based obstacle spawning POC, speed and distance HUD, and wind sounds
  • James: Explored in-game sound effects, and created basic framework for game menu
  • Manan: Developed first version of procedurally generated terrain and tiling system
  • Taylor: Implemented obstacle spawning and checkpoints into gameplay

New features and functionality

Obstacles, checkpoints and HUD Initial procedurally generated terrain

Files for review

No files in review as of writing of this, everything is merged into master

Blocking issues


Goals for next week

  • Arthur: Continue working on voice control and local multiplayer mode
  • James: Add game menu and logic for when flight ends, continue implementing soundtrack and interaction sounds
  • Manan: Develop terrain tiles and add side bounds to procedural terrain generation, explore fog and different skyboxes
  • Taylor: Continue working on obstacle generation and checkpoint logic