We presented our MVP and got feedback from user testing! Before our presentation, we were able to add three new terrain elements, infinite obstacle and terrain generation, and a new custom flipper model. We hit all our MVP goals and we’re really proud of what we’ve created so far! We also really enjoyed watching others experience our game and have fun playing it. We’re excited to start working on our new features and start polishing our game!

View our MVP presentation and a full runthrough of the game experience here.

Here is what each team member worked on this week:

  • Arthur: Implemented infinite spawning of updraft elements so users can play forever
  • James: Created custom penguin flipper model. Fixed bug in shoulder placement when user turns around
  • Manan: Create two new tiles for terrains and new starting cliff runway scene. Implemented infinite terrain generation using tiling.
  • Taylor: Fixed bugs in landing to work with the new terrains, cleaned up game for MVP presentation

New features and functionality

New terrain with infinite generation Custom flipper model

Files for review

No files in review as of writing of this, everything is merged into master

Blocking issues


Goals for next week

  • Arthur: Begin work on local multiplayer mode - add support for voice command recognition that spawns in obstacles
  • James: Add sound to the game, starting with interactions and then looking at ambient noises and game soundtrack
  • Manan: Flesh out the procedural terrain generation system to be easily extendable to new terrains
  • Taylor: Work on improving level progression in the game - modify game flow to be obstacle-based with checkpoints and increase difficulty as users play