Medical Imaging VR

CSE 481 V Winter 2022 Team 2

Initial Project Proposal

A VR Medical Imaging Visualizer for doctors to interact with the medical scans in 3d. We can create custom shaders to visualize MRI Scans in 3d and we can use XR interactions to provide a better view of the visualization for the user. With the quest 2, we can add interactions using hand tracking. We can create a slicing tool, using 3 dots to create a plane and then allow the user to place those dots to form a slicing plane on the volume.

Project Proposal

Minimum Viable Product

Our minimum viable product is going to be an application where the user can load in DICOM scans for the visualizer. Then, the application would render the medical scan in 3d. We will then add a slicing tool to allow the user to view precise cross sections and take snapshots. The way in which we will view cross sections will be by placing 3 points in 3d to create a slicing plane.



Dixon Tirtayadi

Hi all, I'm a 5th year masters student in majoring in Computer Science. Excited to learn more about VR as we go along this quarter!

Jeffery Tian

Hello. I'm a senior student studying computer science. I have some experience in VR but I am excited to learn more.

Winston Jodjana

Hey. I'm a CSE BS/MS student. I'm completely new to VR and looking to learn a lot of new things!