Event Horizon is a two-player cooperative VR game that takes place on a dying space station. The two players must work together to fix the station so they can continue on their intergalactic journey.

Event Horizon works with the Oculus Quest 2 and can be accessed through the Oculus Browser.


Caelen Wang

I'm a senior computer science student with an interest in developing computer graphics and virtual reality applications. I'm excited to explore the intersection of computer science and experimental arts in order to create novel experiences across different mediums. When I'm not rock climbing or snowboarding, you can find me in my Oculus headset or playing League of Legends.

Devika Baliga

Hi! I'm a third year undergrad at the Allen School majoring in Computer Science, and I'm so excited to try developing apps to create VR experiences! My interests outside of school include reading, hiking, and cooking.

Elana Hummel

Hello! I'm a senior in the Allen School majoring in Computer Engineering and I'm really looking forward to learning more about developing apps for AR and VR! Outside of school I enjoy reading, watching TV shows, and playing games on my Switch :)

Timo Lahtinen

Hi! I'm a senior undergraduate student studying computer engineering. I'm excited to try out VR hardware and design our own software to run on it! Outside of the project, my interests are in science fiction, history, and perfecting my burger making technique. Ask me about any of these, and I'll talk your ears off!